DeAndre Hopkins: Hopefully Bill O’Brien can have success elsewhere

After the Texans traded wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals this offseason, there was a lot of chatter about him having a bad relationship with then-Texans head coach Bill O’Brien.

Hopkins said in an interview a month later that he had “no relationship” with O’Brien and that he would not “let the judgment of other people dictate the reality of my life.” That led some to suggest that Hopkins would be happy to hear about O’Brien being fired in Houston this week, but the wideout said that isn’t the case on Wednesday.

“Of course I saw it, it was all over the internet, a lot of memes and stuff with me in it and my name, but I wish bad on no one. . . . Hopefully he can have success somewhere else,” Hopkins said, via Darren Urban of the team’s website.

Hopkins has enough to worry about as he tries to get back to full strength after playing through an ankle injury last week, so he can let others gloat about O’Brien’s downfall while he continues to focus on more pressing football matters.